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WRUP: 1up'd edition


Exactly like clockwork, every week comes to a conclusion and I send a mail around asking what everyone's weekend gaming plans. And slightly less like clockwork, our writers chime in, one at a time, laying out their elaborate plans for the empty space of two full days before them. This week, however, was a bit different...

  • Michael Gray (@writegray): I'm getting married to the person who makes my whole world possible, and starting a new home for us to watch the world spin 'round us.
  • Chase: I think we all just got 1up'd.
Yes, somehow all of our plans seem a bit puny in comparison. But for those of you who still care about the rest of us, you can read on for what the rest of the team is up to this weekend. (And answers to this week's bonus question: what's your favorite caffeine consumption method?)

  • Adam Holisky (@adamholisky): Star Trek Online. I should hit the level 16 cap in the beta this weekend.
  • Alex Ziebart (@aziebart): I'm marrying Michael Gray and drinking a boatload of Mountain Dew Throwback.
  • Allison Robert: Getting my shammy to 80 and power-leveling jewelcrafting on him. Nothing says peace of mind like having a gem-spouting automaton!
  • C. Christian Moore (@thearenaguy): Last week to PvP in the season. Yep. Also, giving the 60 paladin the BC trial to get all that cool gear.
  • Chase Christian (@madsushi): Going to be making the most out of our 10 Putricide attempts this week, would like to have him under control before the next wing is released. There will be much theorycrafting and spreadsheeting happening.
  • Christian Belt (@ihatewarlocks): Working all weekend, but when I'm not, I'm leveling a baby warrior tank through the dungeon finder. And to the six-year-old hunter who rolled need on Jang'thraze the Protector last night in Zul'Farak and then refused to give it to the tank, your parents should be ashamed. And as for caffeine, it comes in two forms: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and original flavor Mountain Dew.
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb): Continuing to build out my druid's healing set with tons of Heroic dungeon Finder runs. I'm also getting ready to hopefully finish the Loremaster push on my death knight once I sort out a proper addon suite to help me out. On the caffeinated beverage front, Dr. Pepper and Mocha Espressos are my weapons of choice. In the interest of (slightly) healthier living, however, I now try to limit myself to the Diet form of the Soda (no more than 2 a day) and no more than 1 mocha per week.
  • Dominic Hobbs (@DMZduffry): Rebuilding the lock's UI and changing priest offspec to holy. For caffeine it's tea or full-lead Coke (Pepsi is for mages) from a well-chilled can.
  • Fox Van Allen (@foxvanallen): I'll be spending a couple hours running a raid that I thought I'd never have to revisit (ToC) to farm a trophy I never thought I'd need to buy a tier chest piece that's slightly worse than the one I paid about 10000g to craft. All so I can put on a pair of pants I looted off a dead monstrosity.
  • Kelly Aarons (@Cadistra): Drawing like a madwoman. Need to get tons of art done before my wrist surgery, so... yeah. If I get onto WoW, gonna continue the epic choice battle between Sholazar and Zul'Drak. As for caffeine, it goes in mouth.
  • Lisa Poisso (@emused): Following the Girl Scout cookies sales gang up and down the street, while wishing I were playing Star Trek Online and drinking lemon ginseng tea.
  • Matt Low (@matticus): Going to crash Michael's wedding. I mean, uh, raid ICC stuff on my alts.
  • Matthew Rossi (@matthewwrossi): I drink four 2 liter bottles of soda a day. I also run a lot of raids, which I expect I'll be doing this weekend. No, seriously. Four 2 liter bottles a day. I can have my wife verify if needed.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): Toontown and Dungeon Finder leveling. My favorite caffeine consumption method is chocolate covered coffee beans -- but that is only used in emergencies. My daily caffeine intake is Irish Breakfast Tea and Green Tea with soy milk and organic sugar in an enormous mug, which is really more of a bowl with a handle.
And so, readers, it's your turn -- what are you up to in game this weekend? Getting married is not required for participation in today's post and sharing your preferred caffeine consumption method is purely optional.

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