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Is Blizzard on Team Conan?


Everyone seems to be weighing in on the new late night wars between Conan and Leno -- I'm firmly on Team Conan. Leno and his chin have had their time in the spotlight, they can take themselves elsewhere. And according to the launcher screen Blizzard might be siding with Conan, too.

Sit at the launcher for a few minutes and let a few features flash by. You'll eventually see the above advertisement for the new character feeds in the armory, with the character name of "Coco" clearly visible. There is some speculation that this timely reference is a nod to the "I'm with Coco" portrait by Mike Mitchell that's become the picture of Conan resistance.

So is Blizzard weighing in and saying Carson's legacy should sit in the hands of Conan? If for no better reason than my own tin-foil hat attitude, I'm going to say yes. Yes they are.

[Thanks to Ryan Holt for the tip!]

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