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Aperion Home Audio Link promises to let you go wireless with ease


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Looking for a wireless home audio system but not interested in adding any additional docks, speakers or sound systems to your humble abode? Then you might be the sort of individual Aperion is targeting with its new Home Audio Link (or HAL, naturally), which promises to simply let you stream audio from any device to the audio system of your choice (up to three of them, in fact). Similarly to the Mint Studio iPod dock we checked out a few months back, this one passes over WiFi in favor of the plain old 2.4GHz band, which the folks at Gear Patrol say held up plenty well in their tests, with no signs of interference or distortion to be found. Somewhat notably, you can also use the system to wirelessly connect a powered subwoofer, and Aperion is apparently planning on introducing some new subwoofers of its own complete with built-in USB ports to make setup even easier. No timeline for those just yet, but you'll be able to snag the Home Audio Link on January 28th for $150, with additional receivers available for $70 apiece.

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