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Motorola China has a bunch of smartphones on tap this year

Chris Ziegler

China is one of Motorola's last safe havens for Windows Mobile-powered devices, but even the Far East is falling to the inevitable onslaught of little green robots -- one need look no further than the XT701, MT710, and XT800 for evidence of that. That leads us to believe that the company's 2010 haul of smartphones for China will be primarily Android-based -- particularly in light of China Mobile's commitment to it through Open Mobile System -- expanding on comments in Korea this week by Moto's GM of the mobile devices business that there will "probably another four or five [smartphones] later" in the region following the recent announcements of the MT710 and XT800 and the upcoming launch of the XT701. Considering that China continues to be a stronghold for Moto, we're not surprised to see so much of the company's product R&D dollars go that way -- as long as the rest of the world ends up getting some trickle-down benefit, of course.

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