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Violent strike racks Apple's touchscreen supplier


Workers at a Wintek Corp factory in China have gone on strike this week, some of them destroying equipment, according to China Daily. Workers are reportedly protesting poor work conditions and alleged deaths from overexposure to toxic chemicals. The chemical in question, hexane, is used for cleaning touch panels. Wintek is the world's largest supplier of touch screens for mobile phones, including Apple's iPhone.

This isn't the first time labor disputes have arisen within Wintek. Last year, protesters gathered at Apple's offices in Taiwan to force Apple into pressuring Wintek to clean up alleged workplace labor and safety violations. Back then, protesters appeared to be using the popularity of Apple's brand name to get attention to their cause.This time things have unfortunately escalated to violence.

There's no immediate word on how the strike will affect Apple's supply of iPhone screens. We're hoping it ends in a manner that's beneficial to everyone.

[Via AppleInsider]

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