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Battle of the Immortals offers details, screens, and concept art

With three F2Ps up and running, and Kung Foo and Torchlight underway, you'd think that the folks at Perfect World Entertainment would be content to rest on their laurels. But no, it appears that they've got yet another game in the wings called Battle of the Immortals, which will blend little bits of Eastern and Western mythology together as the old gods play for power against one another.

According to the Perfect World Entertainment site, Battle of the Immortals will be a "2.5D MMORPG" that will feature things such as 5 different playable classes; PvP including Territory War; PvE content with both an auto-quest-navigation system and high-end raids; pets; mounted combat; and more. The story is said to cover everything from Norse mythology to the Qin Empire, which should be interesting to see.

If your curiosity is piqued, why not pop on over to the PWI site and check out the story & concept art. Alternately, you could just skip to the meatier features or gear screenshot post if story-lines aren't your thing. They also hint that they'll be posting about the beta for Battle of the Immortals soon, which we'll be keeping an eye out for.

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