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Buy software, aid Haiti relief efforts


Last week we pointed out the American Red Cross donation page that's been added to the iTunes Store. This week, several independent Mac/iPhone software (and hardware) developers have come together to aid the relief efforts.

Check out Indie+Relief, a site listing a huge number of applications for you to buy. All proceeds from purchases made on January 20, 2010 will go to emergency workers in Haiti. Who receives the money? That depends on the app. For example, purchase Acorn and Flying Meat will donate $49.95 to Doctors Without Borders. Buy MarsEdit 2 and Red Sweater will make a donation to Partners in Health. It's a great way to go and starts tomorrow.

I asked Marketcircle's Ryan Cash about his company's participation. "Billings has been in the spotlight this month – Billings Mac is featured on the Apple Downloads homepage, and we're also featured in the iTunes App Store under 'New and Noteworthy'. All proceeds from Billings Mac sales on Jan. 20th will be donated to the Doctors Without Borders charity. With Billings in the spotlight we're thinking tomorrow will be a great success."

In related news, a team of developers calling themselves Mobile Applications for Crisis Response have come together to develop just that -- iPhone apps that will aid emergency personnel as they do their jobs. There are four developers on the team now, and the wiki lists the projects they're currently working on. If you'd like to donate your skills to their efforts, please let them know.

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