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Gigabyte steps out of its WinMo comfort zone, first Android GSmart comes to light

Chris Ziegler

If the term "GSmart" didn't really mean anything to you, we can't say we'd blame you -- Gigabyte, after all, has absolutely no mobile presence in North America and limited presence outside Asia. If you were familiar with the line of smartphones, though, GSmart would probably instantly conjure images of Windows Mobile in your mind -- but that might be about to change. Mobile-review appears to have scored a render of Gigabyte's first entry into the Android phone world, showing a vaguely Magic-esque piece with a downmarket 2.8-inch QVGA display, EDGE data, Donut, and a 2 megapixel autofocus cam. High-end, it's not -- but you've got to start somewhere, right? Rumor has it we'll see this one launch next month for something in the range of 9,000 rubles ($304) or less, so we wouldn't be surprised to see it on the ground at MWC.

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