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Jawbone brings new, very iPhone friendly headset to market

Mel Martin

Jawbone has a new, feature rich Bluetooth headset called the ICON that is a nice match for the iPhone. New to this headset is a battery meter that displays on the iPhone, something the Apple Bluetooth headset also did. The Apple headset was quietly discontinued last spring after disappointing sales and reviews.

The ICON lets you set custom tones and multiple voices to alert you to incoming calls, and a feature called MyTALK that allows you to control mini-apps that change the voices or language (Spanish, French, or German) and allows you to customize a button to call 411 or connect to other voice services.

The newest Jawbone has also switched from the old proprietary power connector to a mini micro-USB cable, which is very welcome. The headset also claims to further reduce background and wind noise.

The headset now comes in 6 color designs, including variations of black, gold, pearl and black laced with red.

The newest addition to the Jawbone line is U.S. $100.00. Even though the new headset has iPhone-friendly features, it's available today at Verizon dealers, with other retailers to follow.

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