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Peter Jackson ponders original game projects


Apparently, Peter Jackson happily contributed to Modern Warfare 2's gigantic pile of cash, as a recent interview with Ain't It Cool News shows. He goes on at great length discussing his time with the game, most notably his campaign and Spec-Ops progress. More interesting, however, are his thoughts on gaming in general and his eagerness to undertake an original gaming project of his own at Wingnut Interactive.

Sure, he's no stranger to gaming (he had a hand in the game adaptation of King Kong, after all), has a TinTin thing in the works and also something based on the upcoming The Hobbit movie, but he's got a few, more original ideas banging around the old noggin. Not only is he considering doing a video game -- a medium he describes is "getting more and more interesting" -- but he's also considering a movie and spin-off game approach. Really, he's at the concept stage right now.

With his film The Lovely Bones finally out in theaters, he's now free to initiate his next move. That is when he's not playing Spec-Ops, of course.

[Via Gamasutra]

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