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Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 hack attacks your XP

Many Modern Warfare 2 players still debate the game's best piece of weaponry. Fortunately, hackers have settled this timeless dispute once and for all: It is, of course, the gun that hurtles your opponent back in time, back to the days when he or she was a lowly, classless Private. Okay, there's apparently a new homebrewed glitch which accomplishes this feat, not a gun -- but it would be awesome if there was. We're envisioning the Infanto Ray which Borf used in Space Ace to turn awesome-Dexter into pantywaist-Dexter.

Yes, according to a few incensed forum posters, hackers have allegedly found a way to augment the amount of experience rewarded for killing them. Instead of the usual 50- or 100-point increments we usually see, these dubious players can punish their murderers with negative five million points, dropping their hard-earned rank back to level 1. Check out a NSFW video after the break to see this horrific new exercise (which appears to only be happening on Xbox Live) in motion. We've contacted the folks at Infinity Ward to find out what they're doing to crack down on these total Borfs.

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