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Verizon whittles $350 ETF 'advanced device' list a bit, FCC pressure paying off?

Chris Ziegler

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There hasn't been any official announcement by Verizon -- nor any recent public chatter between the carrier and the FCC -- but for whatever reason, Big Read has gone ahead and smacked some ten devices off its premium "advanced device" list that it had used to determine whether a particular phone qualified for the gargantuan $350 early termination fee. On the surface, it would appear that these guys might be looking to appease the feds now that even Chairman Genachowski is getting in on the offensive, but the more plausible scenario is that they're looking to restrict it to smartphones and netbooks alone -- the ten phones removed were all featurephones, including the Motorola Krave, Samsung Rogue, and a host of LGs. For buyers of high-end dumbphones, it's great news -- but for anyone who prefers WinMo, Android, or a mythical, non-existent CDMA iPhone, the fight continues.

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