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Via's teeny tiny Mobile-ITX EPIA-T700 system board demonstrated twice (video)

Tim Stevens

We've been hearing of Via's Mobile-ITX technology for quite some time now, but it only became officially official last month and now we're seeing the thing in the silicon for the first time. The company has put together a little demo video that we've included below, showing off its minuscule 6cm x 6cm system board, about half the size of a Pico-ITX. But, there are two problems. The first is that this current Mobile-ITX board (the EPIA-T700) has no I/O connectors on it, meaning it must be mounted onto a larger carrier board if you want to do anything with it -- but hopefully that can be integrated into mobile devices and shrunk. The second problem? That the presenter flubbed the demonstration and someone forgot to edit the first take out of the video. See the frustration for yourself at the 1:15 mark after the break.

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