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Arduino and accelerometer harmoniously come together in DIY music controller

Darren Murph

Look, Physical Computing can be a drain. Particularly when your Summa Cum Laude status is hinging on you acing the final. We're guessing that one Ryan Raffa managed to pull off a pretty decent grade, as his final project is nothing short of delectable. In a (presumably successful) attempt to wow onlookers and professors alike, Ryan cooked up an audio controller that utilized an ADXL 335 accelerometer (for motion sensing) and an Arduino board that communicates serially with Max MSP. The controller itself boasts inputs for five tracks and the sixth button applies a delay to all of the tracks; he was even kind enough to host up the Max MSP and Arduino code (it's there in the source link), and if you're interested in hearing what all the fuss is about, be sure to hop past the break and mash play.

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