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Heavy Rain DLC to explore the origins of the Origami Killer


Heavy Rain has you taking control of a number of playable characters. However, the game will only put you in the shoes of the heroes tracking down the elusive "Origami Killer." In an interview with French site, game director David Cage revealed that players will be able to play as the villain in an upcoming DLC episode of the Heavy Rain Chronicles.

Other episodes of the Heavy Rain Chronicles will serve as prequels to the main game. For example, the already-revealed taxidermist scene will explain why Madison Paige is an insomniac. Additional episodes will focus on the other characters in the game, with another revealing how Norman Jayden became addicted to drugs.

The taxidermist episode will be about an hour long, and it's likely all future episodes will be as well. Cage didn't go into details on when the episodes will be delivered or how they will be priced. Depending on the success of these episodes, Quantic Dream may want to pursue even more prequel stories, considering a sequel simply doesn't seem likely.

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