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HTC Bravo gettin' overexposed in the wild?

Chris Ziegler

As breathtakingly bad as the picture is, what we're looking at here could very well be the first shot of HTC's upcoming Bravo in the wild -- the industrial design lines up nicely with what we've seen in the company's leaked roadmap, anyway, and that funky little optical pad in the center perfectly matches the component that you can clearly see on the Legend render. It's said to be "near identical" to the Nexus One -- which makes sense considering that we thought the Nexus One was the Bravo for a while -- so the big draws here would have to be the removal of the trackball (we're not complaining) and the Sense UI covering up Android 2.1's default look. If 3 Sweden knew what it was talking about, this thing could be on shelves this quarter... so watch your back, MOTOROI.

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