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Metareview: Dark Void


We didn't love Dark Void, but with an average metacritic score of 59, it looks like the review sites just laid into Capcom's latest franchise attempt, despite its cool premise. The highest score so far actually comes from Playstation: The Official Magazine, which gave the game an 80. Here's what other outlets thought of Dark Void:
  • Game Informer (70/100): "Unfortunately, the shining strengths of the game are buried underneath a thick layer of rust that only the thirstiest of air-junkies should bother chipping through." [Feb 2010, p.95]
  • 1UP (C+): "It begins with a fantastic introduction to flight, and ends with an all-out aerial dogfight followed by a suitably epic boss battle. ... It's just a damn shame that the nigh-amazing 'The Rocketeer versus UFOs' premise crashes hard into 'tepid Gears of Uncharted knock-off' ground."
  • IGN (50/100): "I don't hate Dark Void, but I don't care for it, either. This is one of those titles that just exists; I doubt few will remember it this time next year."
  • Wired (40/100): "Even though some stages (like the penultimate aerial battle) felt like they lasted forever and ever, Dark Void is a pretty short game with an anticlimactic ending that does little more than set up a sequel ... In all other respects, Dark Void was an ambitious project that just didn't make it off the ground."

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