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Million Ton Barabara getting localized as Patchwork Heroes

Fans of Qix, airships, and systematically disassembling airships in a Qix-like fashion, rejoice! Sony announced that it will bring Million Ton Barabara, from Acquire, the developer behind the ostentatiously named Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman: What Did I Do to Deserve This, to Europe and the U.S. under the moniker Patchwork Heroes. The title might have lost a bit of catchiness in translation, but at least we'll now be able to read what the game's adorable characters are saying.

PlayStation.Blog has a bit of information about the game for folks who didn't follow its Japanese iteration. Basically, you and your team are tasked with carving chunks off of a massive, flying warship while avoiding the vehicle's turrets and other defense systems. You can get a sliver of gameplay in the Japanese trailer posted after the jump, along with the greatest theme song ever. Hopefully, that won't get left out of the localization.

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