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Namco registers Japanese trademark for 'Pac-Man Kart Rally'


Pac-Man World Rally for PS2

Namco Bandai has registered trademarks in Japan for Pac-Man Kart Rally -- and Pac-Man Rally Kart. It just couldn't decide! Siliconera notes that the previous Pac-Man kart racer, Pac-Man World Rally (not Rally World) was never released in Japan, so if this one is intended for Japan, it'll be the nation's first Pac-Man vs. ghosts racer.

As for what Namco Bandai will use this trademark for, we have no real information. It makes sense for Namco Bandai to be thinking of releasing new Pac games on the 30th anniversary of the arcade original. Were we to guess, we would point out that there have been a lot of iPhone games out of Namco lately, and Konami recently put a mascot kart racer on the platform.

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