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NCsoft's Game Survelliance Unit speaks out on account security

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The extra attention to security measures at NCsoft continues, with the latest being a message on the Aion site from Scott Jennings (GM Luminary) of NCsoft's Game Surveillance Unit.

The point of the message is to make sure the players understand what a large, aggressive business the RMT market is. There is a huge amount of money on the line, and those involved are working very hard to make sure the profits keep rolling in. Jennings explained what NCsoft views as their job in this fight and what they've been doing on their end, even detailing a few specific examples of security testing.

The message continued with a much longer list: what players can do on their end to protect themselves. While much of it may seem obvious to veteran players, with account security attacks becoming ever more frequent and aggressive, it's a pretty good idea for everyone to read through what Jennings has to say, and be sure you're protecting yourself as much as you can.

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