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Pair of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker bundles coming to Japan


Konami is looking to release a pair of new Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker bundles in Japan. There will be two options: an expensive bundle featuring a custom PSP-3000 emblazoned with skulls, a copy of the game, a carrying case and a cleaning cloth -- all together costing 26,980 yen ($296). Then there's an even more expensive bundle that features everything in the first bundle, but also tosses in a custom strap, an original PSP stand, some dog tags, and a few other unrevealed items. The latter package (only 1,974 of which are being produced) will be available exclusively through the KonamiStyle website for 36,980 yen ($405). You'll be able to grab either (or both, if you're Richie Rich), when the game releases on March 18.

There hasn't been mention of any kind of custom bundle for the U.S., but considering past bundles, we'd say it's a safe bet to go ahead and assume one is coming our way. Commence Operation Finger Cross ... now!

- 1UP
Source - Image of cheaper bundle at Kotaku

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