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PS3's Torne could give you Trophies for watching TV


Hayden Panettiere desperately trying to get off her show.

Surely, you deserve some award for sitting through a season, nay, an episode, of Heroes. Torne, a new DVR service for Japanese PS3s, may do just that. A new report in Famitsu (via 1UP) suggests that Torne will offer viewers Trophies. "It's compatible with the PS3 trophy system, and you can get trophies for things like watching final episodes from a lot of TV series, for example," SCE's Kiyoto Shibuya told the magazine. Being able to unlock Trophies should make the Sony's DVR offering a "uniquely PlayStation product."

We've already brainstormed a few possible Trophy selections. How about a Gold "Otaku" Trophy for watching all 366 (and counting) episodes of Naruto? Here's an idea that could save network TV: a Bronze Trophy every time you refuse to hit fast-forward through the commercials?

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