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Verizon patents system for location-aware classifieds

Vlad Savov

It's not often that we genuinely like what these big corporations are doing, so you'd better pay close attention here. We've caught wind of a Verizon patent covering the logistics of setting up and running a GPS-based classifieds service, which matches potential buyers and sellers of goods on the basis of their stated interests and location. Thus, next time you're driving by the home of a carpenter, for example, you might be alerted of his contact details should you need some woodworking done. This seems like a legitimately useful expansion on the location services already available on GPS devices, but -- as with the Nokia flexible display patent -- the application was filed back in 2008 indicating that nothing is imminent. Still, at least it's comforting to know that good ideas can fleet by carriers' brain trusts when they're not too busy talking trash about each other on TV.

[Thanks, Anand]

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