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WiiWare devs speak out on lacking support from Nintendo


Speaking with a handful of indie WiiWare game devs, (warning: login required) uncovered the not-so-startling truth behind Nintendo's support for third party devs on its digital distribution platform: there is none. "We feel that Nintendo is not doing enough to promote the service at all," said JV Games VP Jag Jaeger of the publisher's support.

Jaeger added that it's not just a question of underpromotion, it's also a measure of not having access to the same tools that The Big N does. "Help create a more even playing field by allowing developers to use Nintendo resources ... even a more fair use of the Nintendo Channel would help -- Pokémon will be advertised for months while third party titles get a week usually." He also argued the subject of localization/marketing support in foreign markets and Nintendo's general "fend for yourself" attitude towards WiiWare development. "Nintendo, in my opinion, could do more to keep the WiiWare and DSiWare stores in customer's minds," agreed Nnooo's CEO and creative director Nic Watt. We've asked Nintendo for a response to the various allegations and will update this post if we hear more.

Source - Developers call on Nintendo for more WiiWare support (requires login)

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