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Average salaries of video game industry employees compared

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Once again, MCV has surveyed its fellow video game professionals about their annual salaries in order to come up with an average wage for each facet of the industry in 2010. The median average for all European and U.S. respondents is £31,509 (call it $51,331 and change), while the mean is £40,467 (roughly $65,925) -- that's a fraction of a percent lower than last year's results. For a full breakdown of how much each individual profession will average this year in salary, check out the list after the jump.

It wouldn't be polite to comment on how our wages compare to the reported average Media salary. Nope. We're not gonna do it. We're just going to sit here on our $6,000 Italian leather massage chair, finish writing this post on our $22,000 diamond-bejeweled supercomputer, and then continue sipping on this $14,500 bottle of Scotch. Mmmmm. So crisp.

Average Salary by Profession (2010)
Publishing & Marketing – £44,643 / $72,728* (2009: £43,000 / $70,051)
Retail – £27,738 / $45,188 (2009: £26,960 / $43,921)
Services & Distribution – £32,250 (2009: £31,973)
Development – £31,964 / $52,073 (2009: £30,442 / $49,593)
Media – £18,056 / $29,415 (2009: £18,125 / $29,527)
PR & Communications – £28,928 / $47,127 (2009: £26,153 / $42,606)

*U.S. dollar amounts are approximate values based on the current conversion rate from the British pound.

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