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Dyson's City DC26: finally, a sucky vacuum for those in studio apartments

Darren Murph

We've been duly impressed with the Dyson vacs that we've encountered in the past, but one thing's for certain: these things are large. Even the comparatively small DC23 Turbinehead is too gangly for cramped living quarters, but it seems the company that makes ends meet by being exceptionally good at snorting foreign matter from floors has a solution. The newly launched City DC26 is aimed at studio apartments and other small living areas where full-size vacuum cleaners simply aren't welcome. It purportedly took five years of development to create a Dyson vac small enough to sit atop an A4 sheet of paper without any overhang, but it's now available to London's most cramped citizens for £249.99 ($403). There's nary a word on a Stateside release, but we're guessing yesterday would be a good time to start saving.

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