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Green Day: Rock Band won't be the only Rock Band in 2010


Some were disappointed to find out that Harmonix's follow-up to The Beatles: Rock Band was Green Day: Rock Band. MTV Games' Paul DeGooyer says the band was heavily demanded on the official Rock Band forums and added that a dedicated game would "satisfy a good amount of the constituency." DeGooyer, perhaps attempting to appease naysayers, also told that "it's of course not going to be our only game this year."

So what is this mystery Rock Band game that DeGooyer is referring to? Most likely, it's the inevitable-but-not-quite-officially-announced Rock Band 3. While The Beatles and Green Day will take advantage of vocal harmonies, it seems Harmonix has other significant updates to make for the Rock Band platform. "As efficient as digital distribution is, there are still things that are much more efficiently delivered as a disc. In terms of major upgrades, I mean. That said, we haven't announce any formal plans for a sequel game ... yet."

Of course, we could be wrong about this whole "Rock Band 3" nonsense. Perhaps Harmonix will make our dreams come true with their real secret project: Jonas Brothers: Rock Band.

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