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Heavy Rain, God of War III PS3 bundles listed for Europe


If you're in Europe, you'll have the option to buy an even bigger, more expensive, but less crazy God of War III box than the "Ultimate Trilogy Edition." An listing for a God of War III PS3 bundle has been spotted, complete with very believable image. According to Amazon, it'll be available March 17 for €349.95 (roughly $490) and will include the game and a 250GB PS3.

A similar bundle will also be released for Heavy Rain on February 24 for the same price, according to Amazon France -- and wouldn't you know, the bundle box image is classier than the North American game box. There's also a supposed MAG bundle due out January 29, but Amazon just shows the bundle as a regular 250GB PS3 and a copy of MAG.

[Via Kotaku; thanks francisco dang!]

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