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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PSP bundles revealed


The excitement over those two Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP bundles was tempered somewhat by the fact that they were revealed in one tiny, blurry magazine scan. Now that Konami has released images of both camo PSP sets, nothing is stopping us from our blissful retail fantasies. Can't you just imagine buying one?

Like the Portable Ops packs before them, these are two different bundles. The ¥26,980 (~$295) "Premium Package" includes a PSP-3000, Peace Walker, a camouflage cleaning cloth (so you can remove fingerprints from the screen incognito), a carrying case, and a wrist strap. The ¥36,980 (~$400) "Konamistyle Package" (pictured above), only available from Konami's website, includes the same PSP and cleaning cloth, a leather case and strap, a neat-looking, numbered PSP stand, numbered dog tags, and a booklet.

[Via GAME Watch]

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