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Next Borderlands DLC raises level cap


The biggest issue facing most Borderlands players has to be the level cap. When you reach level 50, what do you do next? Sure, you could start up a new character and do it all again, but what if you have each class maxed out? Well, then we think the technical term is: you're boned.

That won't be the case for much longer, as Gearbox's Jason Reiss recently popped on the company's forums to guarantee the most-requested feature for the game was indeed in the works. Not only will there be new DLC, but Reiss also confirms there's another update coming that "solves a bunch of issues." That's like two for the price of one, right? Wait, our math may be a bit off -- moving on!

There's no timetable for either the update or DLC at this point, but Reiss says we can expect a full announcement "soon." And you can expect a post about it on our website when there's more info because that's how this relationship works.

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