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One Shots: Quiet night in Old Tarantia

It's been a while since someone has sent in a panoramic screenshot from a game, but we're glad to have a chance to showcase another lovely large image for you. This one comes to us from Zypher in Age of Conan and is quite enormous -- and richly detailed -- at its full size. Since there wasn't much of a note to go along with this other than to let us know it was a "nice view of Old Tarantia", we're going to flesh it out with a bit of back-story, courtesy of the excellent AoCWiki entry:

Old Tarantia sits at the end of a huge bridge that leads to the rest of the bustling city, divided elsewhere by high walls and guarded gates. It uses its own docks and has a massive gate sitting on the Road of Kings. All are patrolled regularly, and watched for dangerous visitors. It is the root of the city itself, where the rest of the capital grew outward from, and is the base of the royal palace of King Conan himself. The shining towers of the palace rise high into the sky, overlooking the rest of the city and, some might say, the rest of Aquilonia.

Are you leveling through the treacherous lands of Hyboria? If so, we'd love to see some screenshots from you. If not, that's okay -- we can use all the One Shots we can get, from any MMO! Just email those to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll post it out here for everyone to enjoy and give you the credit.

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