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Tetris hits 100 million paid mobile downloads


That's right, Tetris, the grandfather of puzzle games, the one that absolutely everyone and their mother likes, the Slim Jim of video games, has been purchased on mobile phones a staggering 100 million times since 2005. As you may have guessed, that makes Tetris the best-selling mobile game of all time. The announcement comes by way of EA, which has had the mobile rights to the game since 2006. Granted, given how often people upgrade their phones, we're sure plenty have downloaded the game more than once. And why wouldn't they? It's Tetris.

Said Henk Rogers, CEO of Blue Planet Software, which manages Tetris licensing rights, "Tetris on mobile will never go away." Frankly, we hope he's right. If mobile Tetris did go away, we might actually have to converse with people while standing in line at the DMV.

[Tetris block font by David Martin]

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