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Wintek strike settled, Apple's supply chain unaffected


There's some good news from China this week. The violent strike that happened at a Wintek factory on the 15th has been resolved. According to DigiTimes, Wintek offered previously-denied pay bonuses to the striking employees and that got them working again.

Additionally, Wintek claims that production was unaffected by the strike, which is good news for Apple. Wintek provides Apple with touchscreens for iPhones and, we assume, the forthcoming tablet.

The initial story about the strike mentioned the dispute over pay but also the workers' outrage over alleged deaths suffered by their coworkers due to prolonged exposure to a chemical called hexane, which is used for cleaning touch panels. The latest report from DigiTimes fails to mention that aspect of the story.

Last March it was rumored that Wintek would be producing screens for "... a new Apple product," then thought to be a netbook of some sort. Today, we assume that rumor was about the tablet.

[Via AppleInsider]

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