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You've spent 17 billion hours on Xbox Live


It seems impossible, right? Well, this Xbox Live thing is apparently pretty popular. Trixie revealed via her Twitter account that in the seven years since the service launched on the original Xbox, gamers have racked up 17 billion hours on Xbox Live, equal to 2 hours of play time for every person on the planet. And with 20 million subscribers on the service, you're looking at an average of 850 hours for every member.

Another one of her Tweets states that there have been "more than 1.2 billion downloads of gaming and entertainment content," which averages out to about 100 downloads per second. And according to our completely scientific analysis of these figures, we conclude around 750 million of those 1.2 billion-plus downloads were free gamer pics and themes, Rambo stuff specifically.

[Via G4]

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