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Dead or Alive Paradise bounces to America this March


Finally! A Dead or Alive game that gets rid of that annoying "fighting" and "volleyball" nonsense. Dead or Alive Paradise is making its way to America on UMD and PSN this March. The game takes place on a two-week vacation on New Zack Island. You'll be able to play with nine Tecmo girls in an assortment of mini-games found throughout the island. As you befriend the girls, you'll be able to choose from over 100 bathing suit designs, ranging from scantily-clad to barely anything at all.

The press release seems to know exactly what players of Paradise will do when they pick up a copy. "You are in full control to create your own private paradise, in the palm of your hand ... Take your girls anywhere, and play with them anytime." Um ... are we done with this post yet?

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