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Dumbest kids in the universe rob gas station for money to buy 360

According to a report from a Bellevue, WA news station, four boys, ages 11 through 15, were recently charged with armed robbery after allegedly holding up a local Chevron Food Stop using an airsoft pistol. The goal of their crime of the century was to yoink enough money to purchase an Xbox 360. According to the police report, the boys got away with around $200 -- just enough to purchase a 360 Arcade and no games -- before being caught by an officer shortly thereafter. The amount of thought that went into this thing is just staggering.

By a stroke of coincidence, four men across town were apprehended after robbing a local GameStop to garner money with which to purchase Slurpees and Taco Dogs at a nearby Speedway. More at eleven.

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