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Fantasy Earth Zero Q&A

Eliot Lefebvre

Fantasy Earth Zero is a game with a bit of an odd pedigree, coming to the US years after Square-Enix released it in Japan, going from part of Square's overarching PlayOnline service to a free-to-play game after a weak launch. The announcement only came early this year that it was finally being brought over, and there's unfortunately little information for those of us in the English-speaking world about the game. As a result, a recent interview on Warcry with more details on the game is a welcome dose of solid information, with Gamepot USA's Sheloman Byrd and Nicholas Niers both taking part.

A point hit repeatedly in the interview is that level will not be a primary determinant in the game's PvP -- player skill is promised to have a bigger impact. PvP is also one of the game's primary leveling mechanics, as the conflict between kingdoms includes experience gain. The core of battles between castles involve constructing towers while destroying those of the other side, with a large-scale map and changing objectives as one side loses or obtains new territory. The whole effect sounds interesting, so take a look at the full interview, and keep your eyes peeled for more information on Fantasy Earth Zero's upcoming beta.

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