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Illusion Labs shows off multitouch 'Touchgrind' gaming demo on a MacBook


One of our favorite iPhone games is Touchgrind. Sure, we're terrible at it, but at least we feel like we're accomplishing something "totally street" and "badass" with the multitouch input that the iPhone allows. Well, Illusion Labs is looking at bringing some of that magic to the Mac. They've got a demo up of the game running in a jumbo manner on a multi-finger-friendly MacBook. It looks pretty much like a straight port at this point, but hopefully the added horsepower and screen size of the Mac can make this into something a bit more magical -- and maybe even trick us into thinking we're decent fingerboardists, if only for a moment. Right now this is just a tech demo, and there are no firm plans of a release. From the noodlings of Illusion Labs' Twitter account, it looks like they also wouldn't mind porting it to an "iSlate" if the opportunity presented itself. Hear that, Cupertino? You might be able to get someone to build an app for this mythical device! Big sigh of relief, we're sure. Video is after the break.

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