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InstaPaper for Kindle now more Kindle-like


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InstaPaper's "read later" bookmarking service was already a pretty handy way to get any article or web page onto your Kindle, but it looks like the company's now taken a considerable leap forward in usability with its latest update. Nothing's changed in the way you actually get articles onto the Kindle (via wireless delivery or .mobi files), but once they're loaded up you'll now have a decidedly more Kindle-like experience. That includes being able to tap left or right between articles downloaded from a site and, perhaps most notably, you'll also now get a convenient table of contents that can be accessed from any article by pressing the back button. Those using wireless delivery will also now see old InstaPaper files moved to the "Periodicals: Back Issues" folder as new ones come in, rather than see them fill up their home screen. Sound like just the thing you've been waiting for? Hit up the link below to get started.

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