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Kamiya keen on returning to Bayonetta, considering spin-off


Speaking to Game Informer, Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya discussed the possibility of a sequel to Bayonetta. Kamiya noted that the Bayonetta team has "love" for the game, saying, "I don't see anything wrong with Bayonetta 2." (If you're reading this, Mr. Kamiya, neither do we.) He elaborated that he'd like to approach a sequel "from a different angle, in the form of a spin-off." Game Informer goes on to speculate that a sequel could star Bayonetta's rival, Jeanne. Honestly, we don't care who stars in the sequel. As long as the action is just as solid as it is in the first game, it really doesn't matter. As long as someone is kicking ass in a stylish, intuitive way, we're sold.

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