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Mass Effect 2 DLC not only available through Cerberus Network


The announcement of Mass Effect 2's in-game DLC pipeline, "Cerberus Network," left some details unclear. For example, will DLC through Cerberus be free, since the network itself costs money to install for those without a code from a new copy of the game ($15, to be exact, as reported by Bitmob)? And will DLC only be available through Cerberus?

In a video interview with Joystiq (to be published later today), BioWare's Dr. Greg Zeschuk cleared up some of the confusion around the DLC portal. "We'll definitely have for-pay DLC down the road too," he said, revealing that the DLC through Cerberus will be free. "It's not going to be all free DLC for Mass Effect 2 -- far from that. There'll be paid DLC packs, and there'll be stuff available through Cerberus as well."

The way Zeschuk puts it, there will be two separate types of DLC: free material that is offered through the Cerberus Network and paid DLC that can be purchased without Cerberus (through BioWare or Xbox Live Marketplace).

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