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UK-based site 'Green Man Gaming' to allow digital trade-ins


It seems that the yet-to-launch Green Man Gaming website has figured out a way for consumers to make back some of the money spent on digitally distributed games. According to a press release from earlier today, the company will accept digital trade-ins of used "digitally purchased and downloaded games," though nothing explicit is spelled out in terms of what exactly you'll get for your trade-in.

The company's COO (and head) Gian Luzio claims in the release that publishers will receive "substantial remuneration" from Green Man Gaming (that means money, folks) and the site is planned for a "Q1 2010" launch -- it's said to open up with 400 games and grow to "over 2000" by the end of the year. We've contacted GMG for more info on how this whole thing will work and will update you when we know more.

[Via Big Download]

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