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Valkyria for $20 with MAG or ME2 purchase at Toys R Us, other games on clearance

Be honest -- regardless of which of the Great Console War's factions you side with, you're either going to purchase MAG or Mass Effect 2 at some point next week. While you're doing so, Toys R Us will be running a pretty sweet promotion: purchases one of those games and also grab Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 for just $20. Now, we realize the 360 diehards out there will have little use for this game. However, we suggest sending it to your favorite PS3-loving comment-sparring partner. Think of the hours of entertainment they've brought to your life!

If tactical RPGs aren't your area of expertise, we also suggest checking out the rest of Toys R Us' site for a killer clearance sale on a number of games and accessories. You'll have to dig through a disheartening pile of Imagine titles to find the valuable chunks of ore -- don't let it break your spirits! It's worth it, we promise.

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