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Weekend Apple Store news


The weekend's almost here, thank goodness. Here's some Apple Store news to get you in a recreational mood.

First, the new Frankfurt Apple Store is set to open this weekend after a brief delay. Originally slated for December, the grand opening was canceled just two days before the scheduled date. The reason given was (and I'm relying on Google translate here because I don't speak German) that "it still wasn't completely perfect for an opening," so we assume that construction delays or other finishing touches took longer than expected. The event was re-scheduled for January 2010 without a specific date.

That mystery date turned out to be this Saturday, January 23rd at 11:00 AM. You'll find full travel directions here. Let us know if you attend the opening!

Additionally, ifoapplestore reports that Spain's first Apple Store will appear in Valencia. According to, the store will occupy a part of the beautiful and historic building at Calle de Cristóbal Colón 25, designed by architect Lucas Garcia Cardona in 1889. The city is keen to ensure that changes made to the structure by Apple will not violate the "...the special protections afforded the (historic) building."

If you're in Valencia and notice any construction or other obvious signs of large-scale work on this building, let us know.

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