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Breakfast Topic: In-Jokes

Matthew Rossi

I once told a story in my guild's vent about about a warm spring day where, upon walking home from the local store, I was unfortunate enough to be accosted by a bee. Said bee flew into my beard and tried to sting me but, since I had then not shaved my beard in quite some time, the bee actually found himself trapped in my facial hair. Since I could not see him, I did not think about him again until I got home and looked in the mirror. There he was, flailing about, entangled in the roots of my facial hair.

Unfortunately, I chose to tell this story while tanking Jaraxxus who was, at the time, serious business. Several of the DPS found the tale of my apicidal beard so amusing that they ended up not running to the portal in time and we had two annoying sisters instead of just one. Since then, the tale of my beard has grown in guild to the point that people ask me the block value of said beard, or insist I get my beard enchanted with Armsman.

So I turn to you in an attempt to distract from my own constant humiliation (you wouldn't believe the amount of 'furry warrior' jokes I hear in a raid week) to ask what your WoW in-jokes are.

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