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HTC leaking bad intel, playing dangerous game of counter-espionage?

Tim Stevens

Leaky faucets? Hate 'em. Leaked gadgets? We love those dearly, but a rather compelling accusation is giving us pause over some of the juiciest: those from HTC. The claim is that HTC has made a "controled [sic] leak of some devices," incorrect infos revealed by the company itself, designed to throw us all off the scent. It's a strong accusation that we'd be inclined to ignore if not for the source: Eldar Murtazin from Mobile Review, who has brought no shortage of undisclosed bits of information to light himself. Eldar says that HTC has been trying to make people think the Halo is a smartphone, but it's actually yet another Android tablet. What's the truth? Can we handle the truth? Who does the Smoking Man work for?

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