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WRUP: Our favorite classes edition


This weekend is not half as exciting as last weekend for those of us here at, but it is another weekend -- and what are weekends for if not gaming? I'm sure by now all of you know the drill of our weekly WRUP features, but in case we have any newbies in the audience: this is the place to see what the team is up to this weekend as well as chat about your own in-game agenda. Sound like fun? Then read on to find out what sort of trouble we're getting into this -- and to share any trouble of your own.

  • Adam Holisky (@adamholisky): STO, if the beta is up and running.
  • Alex Ziebart (@alexziebart): Doing a blitz playthrough of Mass Effect so my save file is just right for Mass Effect 2. My favorite class? Any other week of the year, I would probably give a different answer than the one you're getting today. Thanks to having ME on the brain, my favorite class is the Vanguard. That chargey thing? Delicious.
  • Allison Robert (@AllisonRobert): Leveling my shammy's jewelcrafting, a 10-man with guildies, and finishing off our Putricide-25 video for the site. Oh, and best/greatest/favorite class is and shall ever be the druid. Anyone claiming otherwise is a lying liar.
  • C. Christian Moore (@thearenaguy): I'm powerleveling a paladin to 80 to play holy with it next season in arenas, in addition to all the other fun characters I have. It's already 60 (got there in under 2 hours, thanks to the recruit a friend levels I've been storing) -- I'll just be taking it from 60-80. Dual speccing ret/holy and going as a healer in dungeon finder and as always leveling via AV (gotta love that Alterac Valley). For favorite class, I'm really digging my level 60 retadin.
  • Chase Christian (@madsushi): Working with the s/o to get her newly minted 80 rogue in some decent gear, while explaining rotations and various stats to her along the way.
  • Christian Belt (@ihatewarlocks): I'm hopelessly addicted to a little tower defense game called Defense Grid: The Awakening. Dunno why... but I can't stop playing it. And favorite class? Etrian Odyssey's Landsknecht. Ok, to be honest, I'm really just enamored with the name. I mean, how do you even pronounce that? There's 5 consonants in a row in the middle of that word! It looks like how you would spell the sound somebody makes when hacking up phlegm in Yiddish or something.
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb): I'll actually be working on finishing up my ultimate level 60 Paragon Spacer War Hero Boy Scout Shepard Mass Effect save for Mass Effect 2 since that's out in less than a week, but I will at least get in my dungeon runs on my druid and death knight for Emblems of Frost as well. My favorite class, I think is the EverQuest shadowknight. WoW death knight comes close, but I think my skeleton pet was cooler than my ghoul, and I miss my fear and life draining spells (Death Strike isn't quite the same!).
  • Dawn Moore: I'll be grinding out badge gear for my new Alliance priest. My favorite class is either the bard of Dark Age of Camelot for its utility or the disciple of Khaine from Warhammer for combining my two favorite roles: melee DPS and healing. OP battle priest go!
  • Elizabeth Wachowski: I'll probably be leveling my DK and replaying Crisis Core, or possibly watching my boyfriend play 1 vs. 100. My favorite class? Probably the summoner classes in the Final Fantasy games, with the Vanguard of Mass Effect coming in second.
  • Eliah Hecht (@eliah): Pilgrimages to my favorite bagel shop and to IKEA, possibly a few randoms in between. My favorite class of all time is the anti-paladin in a Diku-derived MUD I used to play called Afterlife. Death knights come close to capturing the flavor of it, but for some reason I don't love my DK the same way. Nothing's like the first time, I guess.
  • Fox Van Allen (@foxvanallen): I am abandoning Warcraft to return to my first true love, The Legend of Zelda. The original 1987 NES version. The one that teaches that true healing is done through consuming the hearts of your fallen enemies. As for my favorite class, I'll say that I'd love to be a summoner. Let Bahamut nuke Putricide into next Thursday while the entire raid waits 2 minutes for an FMV animation to finish.
  • Gregg Reece: Tanking either Plagueworks or Crimson Halls. I might even run my resto druid through the dungeon finder a couple times.
  • Kelly Aarons (@Cadistra): Now that my wrist surgery date has been 100% confirmed, I'll be working like mad on additional Byron pages and my Blizzard calendar contest entry. As for favorite class, I'd say it's a tie between Final Fantasy's White Mage and Summoner. You get to wear a horn and summon crazy-powerful spirits. Sounds pretty cool to me.
  • Lisa Poisso (@emused): We'll be outside enjoying the balmy, shirt-sleeves weather this weekend... But all this talk of classes and games has got me reminiscing about my EQ bard. Bards: the ultimate PUG class, making broken groups whole and awkward groups sing. Dungeon Finder groups just aren't open to that sort of thing anymore...
  • Matt Low (@matticus): Random heroics and alt ICC runs for me. I'm also busy fending off the flu boss. My WoW time is slowly giving into some Magic: the Gathering time (Shameless plug: is another blog I started just for it). My favorite class would be the Monk from Guild Wars. Its what started me on the path to where I am now.
  • Matthew Rossi (@matthewwrossi): I'm not really feeling much like playing, I may take the weekend off. If I do play, I'll go do some raiding in ICC10, as we've finished up ICC25 for the week. (Blood Queen to 20% and then out of attempts grrrrr.) Oh, and I didn't bother saying what my favorite class is because, you know, it's me.
  • Michael Gray (@writegray): Having been out of game for about a week, I'll be digging back into daily dungeons and ICC. My favorite class remains a friar from Dark Age of Camelot.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): Toontown, Rockband 2 and some random PUG pally tank leveling. My favorite class is the old EQ bard. Yes, they were extremely buggy, but I just adored the concept behind them and the actual practice of playing instruments during battle.
  • Zach Yonzon (@battlemasters): Reviewing a few iPhone apps; playing a league basketball game; a probable trail bike ride; and a tiny bit of WoW time in between, mostly to chat with friends in guild. Played a paladin in AD&D, D&D 3rd Ed., D&D 4th Ed., Diablo 2, and World of Warcraft. I wonder if that indicates a trend.

And so now, readers, it's your turn -- what are you up to in game this weekend? And if you feel so inclined, join in -- what's your favorite character class, in or out of the World of Warcraft?

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