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Classic Controller Pro releasing with Monster Hunter Tri in North America


Here's some awesome news: according to a press release sent out by Nintendo, Monster Hunter Tri will be available in North America this April -- which means that Capcom essentially delayed it as little as possible. Here's some more awesome news: it'll be available in a bundle with the Classic Controller Pro, the upgraded version of the Classic Controller that was previously only available in Japan. The set will cost $59.99.

Even if you're not interested in Monster Hunter, you'll be able to get one separately, in black or white, for the same $19.99 price Nintendo charges for the regular Classic Controller.

The Pro might not do anything different than the original, but it's laid out a bit more comfortably, with the analog sticks spread out further and the shoulder buttons moved out of the Classic's ridiculous single-file configuration. It's no coincidence, given Monster Hunter's PS2 origins, that this new controller is essentially identical in layout to a Dual Shock.

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