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Doritos Unlock Xbox finalists narrowed to two

Justin McElroy

We hate to pick sides, but we think we've already settled on a favorite competitor of the two Doritos Unlock Xbox finalists. See if you can detect which one.
  • Jill Robertson's "Avatar Crash Course": Maneuver your Avatar through a zany obstacle course.
  • Justin Carpenter's "Harm's Way": It's just like your favorite racing game, except oh shit there are snipers shooting at you.
Both finalists will work with a dev team to turn their idea into reality before being judged by the community, but we frankly don't see the point. The visceral thrill of racing combined with the heart-pounding exhilaration of knowing someone's trying to shoot your gas tank? Watch out, Gran Turismo! ... Actually, watch out, everybody ... you know, because of all the snipers.

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