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Lego Batman brings blocky justice to one million in UK


TT Games, purveyors of blocky entertainment the world over, has managed to get copies of Lego Batman into one million UK homes. Rather then employ the controversial "throw it through their front windows" approach, the company has instead adopted a "put it on store shelves and see if they'll buy it" tactic. On paper, the accomplishment of enticing one million UK citizens into buying the game may seem like a great victory for the caped crusader and his young ward, but there are a few caveats.

For one, Lego Batman is on about every system known to man. We're pretty sure we have a ColecoVision copy sitting around here somewhere, so its availability across almost every platform ever has contributed to its ability to get into gamers' hands. Second, there's the Xbox 360 bundle to consider, which managed to sell the game to some people who may not have particularly been in the market for it. Finally, the game released in late 2008 and the initially impressive feat is somewhat dulled by the fact it's had about 15 months to get to the coveted seven figure mark.

Still, congratulations are in order. Everyone who's tried TT Games' adaptation of the tale of Bruce Wayne has walked away generally pleased, so we raise a Batarang in celebration for the UK-based developer. We only have one question: where's Falcone? No, seriously, where is he? He was nowhere to be found in the game!

[Via VG247]

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